Privacy Policy

Thank you for choosing to browse our website. You will be glad to learn that we do take the time to ensure your security while you use the website of As is the case for all websites that are hosted on an apache server certain information is collected as a matter of course in the running of the web server. Obviously the end IP (internet protocol address) you are using is recognised and logged. This is not your internal network IP but would be the IP assigned to you by your internet service provider. If you use a proxy to change your IP or for any other reason then it will be the proxy IP we log, and no other IP information. Also logged will be the referring page (the last page you visited on route to our website) and all pages you view while on our website. Sometimes this information is not logged at all such as where your security software is blocking the referrer information. Also logged is the browser software you are using at the time (for example Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) which again is often blocked by your security or proxy software. The logged information is kept for one month and is then securely deleted by the server. No personally identifiable information is retrieved or stored.
If you use the contact us link on the website you will be asked for your email address to allow us to reply. This information is necessarily logged for communication purposes. We do not share this information with any other party and do not use this information even for internal marketing purposes. You will only be contacted directly in relation for the reasons of your original communications.
If you choose to browse for car rental quotes cookies (small plain text files stored on your own computer) are used to tracking purposes in order to supply you with the most relevant information based on your last query.
Only if you choose to make a reservation will you be asked for personal information. This will include Name, home or work telephone number, fax number, email address, credit card number and its expiration date, and your credit card billing address. Without this information it is not possible to make a reservation, cancel a reservation or amend a reservation.

Security: When sensitive information is requested such as credit card numbers SSL secure encrypted transmission is used. This is signified by the prefix https in your browser address bar and a padlock/security logo in your browser window.


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