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Hong Kong Airport Car Rental

Take advantage of late availability at cheap rates

Rent cars of all types from luxury and minivans to compact and economy rentals from most world wide airports and city locations. The search facility presents you with the best current deals from the major car hire companies, often at discounted rates. You then book directly with the car company of your choice.

Local time for Hong Kong is GMT (Greenwich meantime) +8 hours

Airport Details:


Hong Kong Airport


Hong Kong, Country:Hong Kong, (HK)

Airport Identification Code:


Airport Type:

Large Size Airport with scheduled services
Elevation: 28 ft.

Please Input Your Car Reservation Requirements
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Key: City is in blue, Country is in green.
When the nearby airport is in the same country we list its city location. When the alternative airport is actually in another country we list the country instead of the city. The colour key above highlights the airports location.

Your next best option for a nearby major airport:

Macau Airport (MFM) located in China 23.4 miles (37.7 km) away
Shenzhen – Baoan Airport (SZX) located in China 23.8 miles (38.3 km) away
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) located in China 84.5 miles (136.0 km)
Haikou Airport (HAK) located in China 276.6 miles (445.1 km) away
Guilin Airport (KWL) located in China 317.0 miles (510.2 km) away

Smaller airports to consider:

Airlines that fly from Hong Kong Airport

Air Philippines (ICAO: GAP IATA: 2P) callsign 'Orient Pacific' based in Philippines
Jetstar Asia Airways (ICAO: JSA IATA: 3K) callsign 'Jetstar Asia' based in Singapore
Sichuan Airlines (ICAO: CSC IATA: 3U) callsign 'Si Chuan' based in China
Cebu Pacific (ICAO: CEB IATA: 5J) callsign 'Cebu Air' based in Philippines
Jeju Air (ICAO: JJA IATA: 7C) callsign 'Jeju Air' based in Republic of Korea
China SSS ( IATA: 9C) based in China
Jet Airways (ICAO: JAI IATA: 9W) callsign 'Jet Airways' based in India
American Airlines (ICAO: AAL IATA: AA) callsign 'American' based in United States
Air Canada (ICAO: ACA IATA: AC) callsign 'Air Canada' based in Canada
Mandarin Airlines (ICAO: MDA IATA: AE) callsign 'Mandarin' based in Taiwan
Air France (ICAO: AFR IATA: AF) callsign 'Airfrans' based in France
Air India Limited (ICAO: AIC IATA: AI) callsign 'Airindia' based in India
AirAsia (ICAO: AXM IATA: AK) callsign 'Asian Express' based in Malaysia
Finnair (ICAO: FIN IATA: AY) callsign 'Finnair' based in Finland
Alitalia (ICAO: AZA IATA: AZ) callsign 'Alitalia' based in Italy
British Airways (ICAO: BAW IATA: BA) callsign 'Speedbird' based in United Kingdom
Biman Bangladesh Airlines (ICAO: BBC IATA: BG) callsign 'Bangladesh' based in Bangladesh
Royal Brunei Airlines (ICAO: RBA IATA: BI) callsign 'Brunei' based in Brunei
EVA Air (ICAO: EVA IATA: BR) callsign 'Eva' based in Taiwan
Coast Air (ICAO: CST IATA: BX) callsign 'Coast Center' based in Norway
Air China (ICAO: CCA IATA: CA) callsign 'Air China' based in China
China Airlines (ICAO: CAL IATA: CI) callsign 'Dynasty' based in Taiwan
Cathay Pacific (ICAO: CPA IATA: CX) callsign 'Cathay' based in Hong Kong SAR of China
China Southern Airlines (ICAO: CSN IATA: CZ) callsign 'China Southern' based in China
South East Asian Airlines (ICAO: SRQ IATA: DG) callsign 'Seair' based in Philippines
Delta Air Lines (ICAO: DAL IATA: DL) callsign 'Delta' based in United States
Alpi Eagles (ICAO: ELG IATA: E8) callsign 'Alpi Eagles' based in Italy
Emirates (ICAO: UAE IATA: EK) callsign 'Emirates' based in United Arab Emirates
Ethiopian Airlines (ICAO: ETH IATA: ET) callsign 'Ethiopian' based in Ethiopia
Etihad Airways (ICAO: ETD IATA: EY) callsign 'Etihad' based in United Arab Emirates
Thai AirAsia (ICAO: AIQ IATA: FD) callsign 'Thai Asia' based in Thailand
Air Pacific (ICAO: FJI IATA: FJ) callsign 'Pacific' based in Fiji
Shanghai Airlines (ICAO: CSH IATA: FM) callsign 'Shanghai Air' based in China
Garuda Indonesia (ICAO: GIA IATA: GA) callsign 'Indonesia' based in Indonesia
Air Seychelles (ICAO: SEY IATA: HM) callsign 'Seychelles' based in Seychelles
Antinea Airlines (ICAO: DJA IATA: HO) callsign 'Antinea' based in Algeria
Hong Kong Airlines (ICAO: CRK IATA: HX) callsign 'Bauhinia' based in Hong Kong SAR of China
Japan Airlines (ICAO: JAL IATA: JL) callsign 'Japanair' based in Japan
Dragonair (ICAO: HDA IATA: KA) callsign ' Hong Kong Dragon Airlines' based in DRAGON
Air Astana (ICAO: KZR IATA: KC) callsign 'Astanaline' based in Kazakhstan
Korean Air (ICAO: KAL IATA: KE) callsign 'Koreanair' based in Republic of Korea
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (ICAO: KLM IATA: KL) callsign 'Klm' based in Netherlands
Kenya Airways (ICAO: KQA IATA: KQ) callsign 'Kenya' based in Kenya
Lufthansa (ICAO: DLH IATA: LH) callsign 'Lufthansa' based in Germany
Sierra National Airlines (ICAO: SLA IATA: LJ) callsign 'Selair' based in Sierra Leone
Swiss International Air Lines (ICAO: SWR IATA: LX) callsign 'Swiss' based in Switzerland
El Al Israel Airlines (ICAO: ELY IATA: LY) callsign 'Elal' based in Israel
Air Madagascar (ICAO: MDG IATA: MD) callsign 'Air Madagascar' based in Madagascar
Xiamen Airlines (ICAO: CXA IATA: MF) callsign 'Xiamen Air' based in China
Malaysia Airlines (ICAO: MAS IATA: MH) callsign 'Malaysian' based in Malaysia
L (ICAO: LPR IATA: MJ) callsign 'Lapa' based in Argentina
Air Mauritius (ICAO: MAU IATA: MK) callsign 'Airmauritius' based in Mauritius
EuroAtlantic Airways (ICAO: MMZ IATA: MM) callsign 'Euroatlantic' based in Portugal
Air Mauritanie (ICAO: MRT IATA: MR) callsign 'Mike Romeo' based in Mauritania
China Eastern Airlines (ICAO: CES IATA: MU) callsign 'China Eastern' based in China
All Nippon Airways (ICAO: ANA IATA: NH) callsign 'All Nippon' based in Japan
Air New Zealand (ICAO: ANZ IATA: NZ) callsign 'New Zealand' based in New Zealand
MIAT Mongolian Airlines (ICAO: MGL IATA: OM) callsign 'Mongol Air' based in Mongolia
Orient Thai Airlines (ICAO: OEA IATA: OX) callsign 'Orient Thai' based in Thailand
Asiana Airlines (ICAO: AAR IATA: OZ) callsign 'Asiana' based in Republic of Korea
Bangkok Airways (ICAO: BKP IATA: PG) callsign 'Bangkok Air' based in Thailand
Pakistan International Airlines (ICAO: PIA IATA: PK) callsign 'Pakistan' based in Pakistan
Panafrican Airways (ICAO: PNF IATA: PQ) callsign 'Panways' based in Ivory Coast
Philippine Airlines (ICAO: PAL IATA: PR) callsign 'Philippine' based in Philippines
Air Niugini (ICAO: ANG IATA: PX) callsign 'Nuigini' based in Papua New Guinea
Qantas (ICAO: QFA IATA: QF) callsign 'Qantas' based in Australia
Qatar Airways (ICAO: QTR IATA: QR) callsign 'Qatari' based in Qatar
Nepal Airlines (ICAO: RNA IATA: RA) callsign 'Royal Nepal' based in Nepal
Royal Jordanian (ICAO: RJA IATA: RJ) callsign 'Jordanian' based in Jordan
S7 Airlines (ICAO: SBI IATA: S7) callsign 'Siberian Airlines' based in Russia
South African Airways (ICAO: SAA IATA: SA) callsign 'Springbok' based in South Africa
Singapore Airlines (ICAO: SIA IATA: SQ) callsign 'Singapore' based in Singapore
Aeroflot Russian Airlines (ICAO: AFL IATA: SU) callsign 'Aeroflot' based in Russia
Thai Airways International (ICAO: THA IATA: TG) callsign 'Thai' based in Thailand
Turkish Airlines (ICAO: THY IATA: TK) callsign 'Turkair' based in Turkey
Tiger Airways (ICAO: TGW IATA: TR) callsign 'Go Cat' based in Singapore
United Airlines (ICAO: UAL IATA: UA) callsign 'United' based in United States
SriLankan Airlines (ICAO: ALK IATA: UL) callsign 'Srilankan' based in Sri Lanka
Transaero Airlines (ICAO: TSO IATA: UN) callsign 'Transoviet' based in Russia
Hong Kong Express Airways (ICAO: HKE IATA: UO) callsign 'Hongkong Shuttle' based in Hong Kong SAR of China
US Airways (ICAO: USA IATA: US) callsign 'U S Air' based in United States
V Australia Airlines (ICAO: VAU IATA: VA) callsign 'Kanga' based in Australia
Vietnam Airlines (ICAO: HVN IATA: VN) callsign 'Viet Nam Airlines' based in Vietnam
Virgin Atlantic Airways (ICAO: VIR IATA: VS) callsign 'Virgin' based in United Kingdom
Vladivostok Air (ICAO: VLK IATA: XF) callsign 'Vladair' based in Russia
Shenzhen Airlines (ICAO: CSZ IATA: ZH) callsign 'Shenzhen Air' based in China
Air Hong Kong (ICAO: AHK IATA: LD) callsign 'Air Hong Kong' based in Hong Kong
Air Contractors (ICAO: ABR IATA: AG) callsign 'Contract' based in Ireland
Air Japan (ICAO: AJX IATA: NQ) callsign 'Air Japan' based in Japan
AirBridge Cargo (ICAO: ABW IATA: RU) callsign 'Airbridge Cargo' based in Russia
BA Connect ( IATA: TH) based in United Kingdom
China Cargo Airlines (ICAO: CKK IATA: CK) callsign 'Cargo King' based in China
Excel Airways (ICAO: XLA IATA: JN) callsign 'Expo' based in United Kingdom
Mandala Airlines (ICAO: MDL IATA: RI) callsign 'Mandala' based in Indonesia
Martinair (ICAO: MPH IATA: MP) callsign 'Martinair' based in Netherlands
Nippon Cargo Airlines (ICAO: NCA IATA: KZ) callsign 'Nippon Cargo' based in Japan
Polar Air Cargo (ICAO: PAC IATA: PO) callsign 'Polar' based in United States
TNT Airways (ICAO: TAY IATA: 3V) callsign 'Quality' based in Belgium
Yangtze River Express (ICAO: YZR IATA: Y8) callsign 'Yangtze River' based in China
Scoot (ICAO: SCO IATA: TZ) based in Singapore
Air Chathams (ICAO: CVA IATA: CV) callsign 'Chatham' based in New Zealand
Arcus-Air Logistic (ICAO: AZE IATA: ZE) callsign 'Arcus Air' based in Germany
LAN Airlines (ICAO: LAN IATA: LA) callsign 'Lan' based in Chile
Oman Air (ICAO: OMA IATA: WY) callsign 'Oman Air' based in Oman
Air Print (ICAO: APJ ) callsign ' S.A.' based in AIR PRINT
Saudi Arabian Airlines (ICAO: SVA IATA: SV) callsign 'Saudia' based in Saudi Arabia
TAP Portugal (ICAO: TAP IATA: TP) callsign 'Air Portugal' based in Portugal

Useful Notes wishes you a happy flight when using Hong Kong Airport in Hong Kong. Some things we think you should know before travelling include:
. Normally a minimum age of 21 applys so please make sure you input the correct age for the most accurate rate. Rentals are return to pickup airport or can be dropped at another airport or city. For the latter option you must use the search form on our home page to select your drop off location.

Please be aware that car rental agents require a credit card in the primary driver's name at time of pick-up.

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